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station_square's Journal

Station Square - a Sonic the Hedgehog RPG
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Hello and welcome to Station Square, a new roleplaying game for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog. Which series, you ask? All of them! We welcome IC, Original Universe versions of every Sonic character from every canon, whether that be the video games by Sega, Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, Sonic Underground, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Sonic OVA, SatAM, Archie's Sonic series, or Sonic X.

The game takes place primarily in the Segaverse version of Station Square, however characters are free to travel to other locations on Earth, and possibly even to return home - if they figure out how.

To find out more, please visit our Rules and FAQ page. To apply, first check the Taken Characters list, then reserve a character or submit an application.

Lost in the city? Check out PlanetWare's map of San Francisco to orient yourself.

Happy gaming!

Handy links list:
Rules and FAQ
Taken Characters
Reserve a Character
Request a Character
New Character Setup
Contact Info
Mod Inbox
Hiatus Post
Drop Post

And don't forget, come join us at the AIM chat room stationsquarerpg!


Your friendly mod team is:

shinyget (Manda) - head mod
chicobo329 (Frankie) - co-mod

shichahn (Lauren) - creator/former head mod