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[Thread] Cant stand still

Characters: Jet, open
Where: Station Square
When: Late afternoon, this week
Summary: Jet set up a meeting with Wave... and completely ditches her, getting ADD and deciding to hit town to wonder around and flex his gear
Warnings: Jet?

He told her to meet him at his office to talk about their next mission. But... she was talking too damn long. He wasnt going to be asleep when she got there, he was going to be gone. Taking his gear, sliding his goggles down his eyes, and taking his quick escape route out of their HQ, he blasted into the air, and flew through the sky straight to Station Square.

Wave would be peeved, but... suits her right for keeping him waiting.

He moved between the buildings fast, turning his board vertical and speeding to the top with a loud hoot-- spinning his board in a high speed flip before hitting the top of the building, making a perfect landing before riding down the side of the building again to go back down into town.

Reaching the ground, he kicked his board up and caught it. Sliding the goggles up his forehead, Jet grinned, looking around. Surely there was something interesting going on somewhere. If all else fails, getting to Casinopolis was a hop, skip, and jump away.
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