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[Thread] No theft this time around!

Characters: Sega!Rouge and Knuckles
Where: Angel Island
When: Sometime in the afternoon
Summary: As promised, Rouge pays Knuckles a visit and decides to mix things up to confuse him.
Warnings: Rouge being kind of nice? Teasing and flirting of at least the PG-13 variety.

She had given it a bit, to allow herself time to take care of things with Sonic and Robotnik, before making good on her promise to pay the Guardian a visit. At least he had one thing right in their chat, this trip to the floating island was going to happen regardless of what he said.

Though, things were going to happen a bit… differently. She didn’t want to let him down on her word of there being a surprise involved. The surprise, however, wouldn’t be something he would ever expect. In her hand, she carried a small picnic basket with sandwiches, grapes, and lemonade as its contents. Nothing fancy, of course, since she didn’t feel the need to bother that much with it. All the food had to do was set Knuckles on edge and she would do her best to play off of his paranoid feelings.

The smirk was wiped off of her face before she hit the area where the shrine laid and as she landed, she hid the basket behind her back and used her wings to keep it out of his immediate view.

“Oh Knuckie~” she called out pleasantly. This was going to be fun.
Tags: knuckles (knuxyou), rouge (isthatyoursoops)
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