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[Mod] Stepping Down

Over the last month, my interest in the Sonic fandom has drastically fallen. I thought it would go back up, but it hasn't, so I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to take over this place if they wanted to.

This should have been posted earlier and there's really no good reason why it wasn't, so I'm not going to bother with lame excuses. If anyone wants to step up and still play here, leave a comment. I'd prefer if whoever volunteers to mod has some kind of backing by whoever else wishes to play, but I guess that all depends on interest and how many see this.

I'm sorry everything turned out like this, but I do want to say thank you to all of you, since I had a blast RPing here. ♥
let me spell it out for you...

OOC: Question

I know that activity here's all but died but.. would it possibly be okay if we did the Master Emerald plot we were talking about a while ago, with the Rogues taking the emerald and stuff?

Would anyone be up for that?
Church/Tex bitches

[Mod] OOC Discussion Time

Okay, so, AC results have been a little worrying the last couple months. Obviously something needs to be done about this. What's going to happen is that the drops from failing this last AC won't go into effect if the player wishes to keep playing and what we need from you all is player input.

In your opinions, is the AC too difficult? If so, what sort of modifications to the requirements do you think would work best? If that’s not your trouble making the AC, then what do you think it is? Do you have any ideas for plots that you want to set into motion? If so, feel free to speak to me whenever you see me online.

Something that should definitely help is reviving the chatroom (stationsquarerpg). I’m going to do my best to go into the chatroom after work if I am able and get online, as well as on weekends when I have the time.

Please, share any opinions you have. Anon commenting is on and IP logging off, so speak freely.

[News] Chemical Plant

Pictures and video of what must be a familiar-to-some manufacturing plant have found their way into the media bright and early this morning. In the news broadcasts, a pan around of the locations surrounding the plants is shown, allowing viewers to see the rolling green life in Emerald Hill and the beautiful water that surrounds the island before focusing on a middle-aged reporter standing in front of the plant.

“In recent days, Chemical Plant, located on West Side Island, has experienced a massive boost in productivity. CEO Bryant Marsh attributes this increase to newly researched technology that has recently been put into practice. He declines to go into details, but assures buyers that the chemicals now being produced are of a quality that has never been seen on the market before.”

A quick series of images depicting Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant with destroyed robot remains flickers on screen before returning to the reporter. “After Robotnik’s takeover and defeat on West Side Island, it has been an ongoing battle for local companies to recover and return to past profit margins. Here’s what some of the residents of the island have to say about this surprising improvement…”

[Mod] June AC + New Rule

Everyone's favorite time of the month, the AC!

Please use the format below and list activity for all of your characters (regardless of whether or not they have passed) before Wednesday, July 8th. Only threads in the month of June count towards activity!

In order to be counted as active, each of your characters must have participated in three threads where they have made five comments or two threads where they have made ten comments. Threads can be anything (blog, RL, thread, etc.), but those between your own characters do not count towards activity. Characters less than ten days old are except from having to pass.

Failing your first activity check results in a warning and failing a second month in a row results in being dropped. Please respond to this post before the deadline or else it will result in your characters failing the check. And remember, as always, if you think you aren't going to be able to make activity at any time because of things happening in your life, comment to the hiatus post so we know.

Only one character to remove from your flists this time. Copy the text below then go to the Admin Console and paste it all in.

friend remove cowardlydog

New rule that is going into effect this month; after a character has been dropped (whether by failing the AC twice in a row or by the player's decision), that player must wait a period of at least one week before reapping or apping another character. As a side note, since the rules and FAQ page are under the former head mod's personal journal, you'll be seeing a copy pasted new post of it by this journal with the new rule added onto it later tonight.